What's Your Birthday Bouquet?

Yes, there is such a thing as a birthday bouquet. Flowers have many different meanings and when mixed together they can create an entire story. Every Lone Star Living bouquet was designed with birthdays in mind. Picking the best flowers that match the characteristics of every birthday baby in their birth month.

Need Inspiration?

You need ideas, we have suggestions! Get inspired @lonestarlivingb

Easy Ways To Spread Joy

Look for simple ways to bring some joy to a stranger like, donating goods to a local charity or hitting “yes, I’d like to donate” when checking out after picking up groceries at H-E-B.

An unexpected sweet lil' compliment goes a long way! Brighten someone's day by pointing out a positive attribute -- it's as random and special. If you're feeling bold, try placing a stem of your favorite flower from your birthday bouquet and tie with a red ribbon (or string) onto the handle or windshield of a car nearby. Could be your neighbor's or the stranger parked next to you at Starbucks!


Spruce Up Your Space

So you’ve just picked out a beautiful bouquet of fresh Lone Star Living blooms, taken them home, watered them, fluffed them up, and are left with the same vase you’ve been usin’ for who knows how long.

Everyone is guilty of using the same flower vase for what seems like centuries.

If you’re looking for some change and inspiration, we reckon it’s time to give your space a bit of pizazz! Just by adding a new decorative vase, the entire mood of a room changes. Voila!



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